WWE Annual Holiday Tour, the best family fun post Holidays

This year I attended a WWE Raw brand Holiday show aka House as it’s known. Over the years the WWE has always set out on tour putting smiles on people faces with their larger than life character and family fun oriented house shows.  I know that some fans frown upon house shows because “nothing exciting happens” or because storylines aren’t progressed there. In 2020 if you’re a fan of wrestling, you know that’s far from the case. Just a few days ago Andrade shocked the WWE universe by winning the US title at a WWE tour event.  These days anything can happen on these type of shows. If you ask most WWE Superstars if they prefer a house show over a TV taping, a lot of them would tell you that they enjoy house shows more because there are less stressful and more organic in certain ways.  The wrestlers featured in Holiday tours are typically refreshed coming off a few days of break and in good spirits after spending time at home with their families and it shows in their performance.  Wrestlers enjoy the freedom they get on house shows, such as trying to make each other laugh or giving the kids a show they never forget.

At a house show, if you’re in the main event match like Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins were this past weekend were. You have a chance to have fun with the crowd. Like not shake hands with fans if you are Seth or Celebrate and thank the fans for coming like Kevin did.

In a business where the stress level of the performers is likely very high especially on TV days, you need shows in front of live audiences that is both fun and family friend. 

If there’s a house show in your area, consider making the trip. WWE provides premium entertainment over the holidays for just a little more than a night at the movies. For me a house show is where it’s at. It’s a family tradition that I am glad I have adopted. 

After all, professional wrestling is supposed to be connection and family fun. That’s why what brings us to be fans in the first place right?

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