The Kofi Kingston Dilemma

Sigh….let’s be real about this entire thing with Kofi being the so called by some the first “black” WWE champion.

I think it’s a matter of how the WWE handled Rock (my favorite all around wrestler) and his first championship. They celebrated every other minority winning the belt the first time except the first black person to win it. That’s not Rock’s fault. Heck, they even honored Sheamus winning for being the first Irish born champ.

With this one, the storyline….they left it to New Day to address it and even they rarely mentioned it directly but inferred it heavily. The funny thing is that the WWE did it again with Kofi because he’s actually the first African born champ.

Still….let’s be honest: this is a Black people issue because of our issues with our own collective identity. So it’s beyond just wrestling and we gotta deal with it beyond wrestling.

All that being said, I’ve been a fan of Kingston for his entire WWE career so I am beyond elated for him AND The New Day. This is a big win regardless of our identity issues.

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