The Death Of Superman (2018) Review


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Death of Superman: A Fan boy’s Review by Marcos Rivas

Let me let out there straight that last few DC animated movies have been torn to pieces by critics and fans alike. When this project was first announced people were already panning it, including some members of the Retreon Media Group, like my partner “TC”. Of course if you don’t know anything about the Death of Superman storyline…keep in mind there are spoilers ahead.

Ok,  for those who stayed with me this movie was never about Superman’s Death. It was more about what makes him such a beloved character. How at his core he always does what’s and how he ignites hope in everyone. Thus we see the beginning of the film is used to establish him as hero that does and says the right things. He swoops in beats the bad guys and from the beginning he states the city is under his protection. He takes pics with fans waves at people even interacts with favorites like Bibbo. Superman’s life is good, Metropolis and the world loves and admires him, and even the Justice League seem to be hitting on all cylinders. The only major turmoil he has is personal one. The subplot is whether he should tell Lois that he is superman. We are shown that Clark and Lois has been in seemingly secret relationship and he is muttering over if he should tell her that he is Superman. After an awkward night with his parents Clark follows his heart and tells Lois the truth. This an important scene, because the core of the story is the emotional connection between the characters and the Man of steel. While this occurs we cut back and forth to the Justice League getting dismantled by Doomsday. He takes them all down one by one. Once Superman jumps into action he gets there just time to save Wonder Woman. They share a tender moment, where she warns man of steel to not hold back and take Doomsday down at all costs. All roads lead to the epic showdown between Superman and Doomsday. The final fight doesn’t disappoint, I won’t go into specifics this one you have to see for yourself.


Death Of Superman (2018)

Not all movies are without their flaws, I had some issues with the voice casting and the seemingly shoehorned plot with Lex Luthor, Superman’s corny jokes in the beginning but other than that everything works well. The pacing isn’t rushed and the subtle hints of what is going to come in the sequel all seem natural. This was the Superman movie we needed better yet the one we deserved. I rank this among the top DC animated at number 2, number 1 of course being Batman: Under the Red Hood. I give Death of Superman 4/5 red capes this time out easily the best adaptation of this source material. Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come. Oh and for those wondering yes will be picking this up when it officially releases.


Iconic shot from Death of Superman (2018)

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