The Boys: Season 2 Impressions


In a world full of colorful and dark heroes, Amazon decided to go colorblind with Gray heroes. Season 2
of the hit series The Boys brings (much to my pleasure) a provocative set of edgy satirical and oh so
timely themes. Amazon has set out (and succeeded) to give us the alternative to the super hero genre
currently available. They dismissed the sophomore woes that’s plague other super hero shows (NBC’s
Heroes) in favor for a better an improvement to season 1. My applause and gratitude to the show
runners Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Eric Kripke for taking good care of the source material provided
by Garth Ennis. I give this season 9/10 definitely a must watch for ADULTS.


I can’t say much more than what these guys said already, but I will say that The Boys Season 2 is definitely a much needed break and welcome distraction from the daily barrage of socioeconomic and political divisiveness, but it is not vapid nor does it avoid real issues. The show takes the very themes we are dealing with in our current world, be it racism, sexism, even government overreach, and places it in a world where the line between who’s the hero and villain is razor thin. There were some truly shocking and jaw dropping moments during this wild ride, there’s a particular one in ep. 3 that made me have to stop and rewind it to make sure I saw and heard what I thought I did, but every single moment is worth it. This is truly bingeworthy television, and every ADULT viewer should take the time and give this one a watch.


The Boys season 2 was truly a wild ride. It is definitely not one for the kids and those who are squeamish. The brutality and social commentary of this season will be sure to entertain for many subsequent viewings, as we patiently wait for the eventual third season. Our only regret is that we are again left with eight episodes and no definitive timeline for the next season, unfortunately due to COVID-19. Still, we would like to thank our sponsors over at Amazon for being able to witness the spectacle of this amazing season! By the way, please do not drink anything during the final 3 minutes of episode 8…. you’ll know why soon enough!

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