Spider-Man: Far From Home Fan Reactions!

Well well, we finally got the official Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, and it’s clear from the reactions you’ll read below, many of our readers are excited at what they’ve seen! Here is a selection of some of the best reactions to the trailer we’ve seen. Kicking it off is a reaction from our very own “Sunsetkid56”, Marcos Rivas!


“My spider sense is tingling!  Like everyone else, I am suffering from Avengers hangover. Good News though, the cinematic Gods at Marvel hit us with a little taste. The new trailer for  Spiderman: Far from home.

Peter Mourning the loss of his mentor Tony Stark and Spidey wearing his Spacesuit. A funny exchange with NYPD.  In addition, it has shown that Peter has avoided Nick Fury’s attempts to contact him. Nick Fury finally catches up with him while on vacation. Nick Fury introduces Peter to Mysterio while revealing to be from another universe. Not only did Marvel nonchalantly drop a big bombshell that the multiverse exists but they also introduced Mysterio as a Hero.   Although I am not convinced Mysterio will remain a hero, I like where they are going. Nevertheless, there is one more reveal, while the multiverse reveal is major news; the biggest revelation for this solo franchise came near the end between Parker and MJ. They did away with the will he tell her dynamic. I trust that Marvel did that for a reason. After that, we get some action sequences with the big bad elementals.  Some more awesome scenes with Happy and the Spiderman Scooby gang. All in all a good trailer for the last film in this amazing marvel cinematic phase.” Check out the trailer below:

“The latest Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer shed more light on some of the plot and the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

” Peter is unsurprisingly dealing with the aftermath of Endgame by trying to be a better hero. More interestingly, the trailer reveals that Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is not from our universe. He’s from a different universe, which was revealed in the aftermath of the Snap. This has tremendous implications on the rest of the Marvel films and may finally hint at what’s to come in the larger world.
Many of us have wondered how the MCU would start to integrate the Fox characters into the MCU. Far From Home revealing a multiverse leads me to believe that there is a universe with a bunch of mutants, and they’re coming soon. I’m glad that we see Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) and Spidey’s good-natured relationship with NYPD. I wasn’t a big fan of Homecoming, but I’m very excited for Far From Home.” –Brandon James

“The sadness in Peter’s eyes is painfully palpable”

“I feel Far From Home will be the film that really gives us a Tom Holland Spider-Man that both old and new fans actually feel comfortable accepting for not only his similarities to other variations but his differences. This is a new story for a new version of an old familiar hero.” –Jesse Smith

“The Snap tore a hole in our dimension”

“I don’t know why this part from the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer sticks out so much, but it makes me very excited. I’m interested to see where the brain trust for the MCU does with this & if it will lead to the arrival of the X-Men along with the Fantastic Four.

Jake Gyllenhaal is an interesting casting piece for this movie. Especially since there were rumors about him taking over the cape & cowl from Ben Affleck. I like what I’ve seen, but I wonder at what point will his true mechanations come into play.

The trailer also has some callbacks to Avengers: Endgame which is a nice treat, but I really hope that this movie doesn’t play off of it too much. While I wasn’t a big fan of Homecoming I do feel like Far From Home will be a better overall movie from watching the trailer. Maybe we’ll finally get to see Tom Holland’s Peter strut his inventor side.”-Taj Martin

“Wow. Just wow!!!”

“The trailer opens in a post-endgame MCU world with Peter still feeling the loss of his mentor and idol Tony Stark. We can see Happy Hogan still looking after Pete the way he did while Tony was alive and considering one of the previous trailers with Happy practically drooling over Aunt May maybe there’s more than one reason he’s still looking after him. The trailer clearly shows that even though Pete is a more experienced crime fighter, casually taking down a room full of armed men and posing, he’s still a teenager and wants to spend time with his friends and have fun. Even going so far as to send Nick Fury to voice mail so he can go on his class trip. Of course, this is Nick Fury, so that’s not stopping him at all. Fury visits Pete on his class trip and pulls him into service introducing him to another ‘good guy’ Quentin Beck aka Mysterio. If you’re a Spider-man fan then you know Mysterio is a classic Spider-man villain that deals in illusions and subterfuge. He’s supposed to be a Mysterio from another universe (Multiverse! Maybe a spider-verse in the future?) but even an alternate universe Mysterio is suspicious and shouldn’t be trusted. If he’s even from an alternate universe like he claims. We also get to see what appears to be Sandman and Hydroman or some elemental creature taking different forms, but again its Mysterio so who knows what’s what. We also get to see Pete in at least 3 suits including one that looks like Spider-man noir which is awesome. The trailer seems to be pushing Peter to step up and fill Tony Stark’s role in the MCU, with a police officer asking him if he was the next Ironman at the start and then having Pete say “The world needs the next Ironman” then cut to another scene where Fury asks him if he will step up or not. If so there may be many more Spider-man appearances in future movies and more Spider-man related characters coming to the big screen since dozens of characters made their first appearance in issues of Spider-man. Overall the trailer shows there’s going to be amazing action and solid comedy along with a light romantic element and some character growth for Peter. I can’t wait!” –Max Lawless

“Here we are. Still processing the events of Avengers: Endgame and SLAP!”

“The trailer for SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME drops right on our collective heads. Everything about this trailer is almost surreal…Marvel be like: Can’t Stop Won’t stop. We’re greeted by Tom Holland…not Spiderman…warning the viewer of possible spoilers for the folks who haven’t seen Endgame.

After being warned of spoilers I’m already about to have a damn seizure. The first image we see is Spider-man looking at a mural of Iron man. I’m instantly taken back to THAT moment from Endgame. I shed a thug tear. This is a WORLD still in mourning and throughout the trailer, the theme is…who’s going to step up and take the mantle? Spider-man kicking ass only to be questioned: are you going to be the next Iron man sets the tone…or so I thought. Spidey is a reluctant hero now suddenly? This sets up to a vacation of sorts to spend some time with friends and maybe even finally step to his crush MJ. Maybe an upside-down kiss her? Nah!! Nick Fury shows up and is well rested after his snap nap and is pissed he keeps getting curved by Pete! Mysterio is an “Ally” but is also from another Earth!? The Thanos snap opened up a rip into our dimension and then Spider-man says it..as nerdy as he can…”You’re saying it’s a Multi-verse!?” Ok, Marvel, You aren’t playing! not only are we going full speed ahead we’re opening up so many possibilities. The stakes are high and it seems Spider-man is going down a familiar path of Personal life vs. Hero Life. The action looks solid but it’s not showing too much with clips of Mysterio doing his thing.  This trailer will ensure that we all will go on another ride !! Excellent trailer!!” –Brandon Hunter

” I have to agree with the overall consensus here”

“The trailer looks amazing! I personally enjoyed seeing Peter’s interactions with the NYPD, as well as a few more natural sounding quips in the short trailer we got. After witnessing the events of Endgame, I found the emotions on display from the cast to be genuine, and look forward to how the world at large will react to Tony’s passing. I also look forward to seeing if we get any references to Morgan Stark or Pepper and the other surviving members of The Avengers. I am of two minds in regards to Mysterio. Either he is truly a hero, as Nick Fury believes him to be, or he actually managed to outsmart Nick, and manufactured the Marvel Multiverse. Now, with the Fox merger, I cannot believe they are pulling a bait and switch, as the possibilities of incorporating their properties into the larger Marvel universe is simply too good to squander. With the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, I wondered if they’d incorporate a multiverse into the next phase of Marvel films. It’s cool I potentially won’t have to wait. I very much look forward to seeing Peter grow into his own but fear that many of his future adventures will continue straying him away from his more street-level roots. Ultimately with the MCU taking elements from the 1610 and 616 universes for their material, I’m sure Peter has a bright future to come. I know I’ll be there opening day, will you?” –TC Harris

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Excited? Cautiously optimistic? Still processing “The Snap” and the heavy toll it left on the MCU? Sound off below!

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