Snowpiercer: Episode 2 — “Prepare to Brace” —

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Episode 2 — “Prepare to Brace” — 

The show opens with another familiar monologue, this time from Josie Wellstead (Katie McGuinness). While Andre was able to protect the Tailies from being killed for their failed rebellion in last week’s episode the mysterious Mr. Wilford still requires an example be made for the loss of life amongst his guard. At first, it is young Winnie (Emma Oliver) who is meant to pay the price. However, her mother comes forward and insists that she is responsible for her daughter’s actions, and that she pay instead.

Josie’s voice lingers over the gruesome scene. The mother’s arm is wetted and placed through a gasket that allows it to be stuck outside the train, without any of the subzero temperatures breeching the train. As 60 seconds tick by, Josie speaks of rebellion and what Tailies believe is to come.

A hopeful action engulfed the threat of danger both embodies the vibe of the show and foreshadows of what is to come. It gives us the audience a glimpse of just how far the Tailies have been pushed and how far they’ll go to in order to ensure their owns live.

All of this unfolds as Snowpiercer crosses a section of track this is dangerous due to the possibility of avalanches. Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) tries all she can to keep passengers calm. When we see Andre, it’s revealed that he’s being kept in a cell but still being given actual food. He and Bess continue their investigation as the episode continues. Bess will undoubtedly become the ally the the Tailies need before this season is done. I honestly feel that as long as her character lives.

In their investigation, Andre quickly realizes that there is a cannibalism element present on the train. The two cops near their answers in the cattle car, but the aforementioned avalanche puts an end to any chance of questioning the butcher or his assistant , with their demise goes the last remaining cattle. The loss of cattle doesn’t just mean a lack of beef for the first-class citizens, either. The cow’s manure fertilized the crop while their methane was used to maintain their atmosphere. Their death is the first chip in Snowpiercer’s delicate ecosystem, and it won’t be the last.

Shortly after Andre and Bess remaining bits of arm and leg hidden in a vent in the Butcher’s freezer. However, Andre’s not convinced that the murder and the cannibalism are directly related. The episode ends with Winnie greenlighting rolling black outs to conserve resources on the train.

Although this episode was methodic I honestly am curious where the narrative is going. What happens with after the case is solved?

I give this episode 3/5 because it did hit on some points but whiffed on others. I am hooked for now to see where this goes.


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