New Nintendo Switch on the way?!


Whether we are ready for it or not, the next generation of video game consoles is steadily on their way. Granted we’ll likely not see anything solid manifest until Microsoft’s potential reveal at e3, and perhaps a more public showing by Mark Cerny in fall for Sony, Nintendo has been relatively silent in their movings. Unlike the other two HDR enhanced rivals, Nintendo continues to follow its own formula for success, by catering their gaming experience to more family-friendly, and whimsical outings, while doubling down on portability, even at the cost of burying their own aging 3DS platform. That trend is rumored to be continuing this year, as its being reported that a smaller version of the Switch will be hitting the market. It’s been theorized for some time that a console refresh was inevitable, to the point that I’ll gladly skip to the second part of the report that’s even more interesting; that being that the graphically upgraded version of the Switch isn’t slated to hit the market until next year.

These rumors ( until proven to be factual) appear to be coming out of Japan, courtesy of a Wall Street Journal

and not only tell of the two incumbent models but also supports Nintendo’s resolve in not giving up the “Home Console” side of their business. The alleged smaller Switch will retain its ability to connect to your television, keeping couch co-op alive and well, where it belongs. The beefier version largely remains a mystery, but with Nintendo’s market share, third-party support continued popularity, I highly doubt they’d release a version that wasn’t at least on par with the current Microsoft and Sony offerings.

I’ll be the first to admit to being a Nintendo Switch hater. I swore the console would fail, based largely on the treatment Nintendo gave the WiiU. I’m glad to have been proven wrong, and if anything, my trust in the Nintendo was born anew. I can only hope that while they work to create their console refresh, that they’re not only working on the next flagship console, but also addressing some of the glaring issues with their current. The Switch is not perfect, then again no console is, but with a few hardware and chassis tweaks, it could easily take the staggering lead away from the Nintendo Wii. Only time will tell. For now, what do you think a more powerful Switch should offer? Do you think the smaller and more lightweight offering that’s allegedly dropping this year is a good idea? Are you content with your current hardware and don’t really care for potential Switch upgrades? Sound off in the comments below!

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