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Review written by Stephen Deck; originally published 4/6/2019 on Teacher by Day, Game by Night
Have you ever been playing Pokemon and thought to yourself, “Man, I wish these adorable little creatures that I’m forcing to fight to the death were SUPER adorable little girls I could force to fight to the death”?  If so, then you’re in luck, because Moemon turns Pokemon Emerald into exactly that game.  In terms of content and Pokemon included, it’s exactly the same game as Pokemon Emerald.  With the exception of Pokemon sprites, absolutely nothing is changed, but holy shit, these new sprites are impressive (and kawaii af).



All 386 Pokemon sprites have been completely replaced; every Pokemon sprite has been made into an adorable anime girl.  From my experience with the game, a good chunk seem to have had their Pokedex data removed and replaced with just “X” presumably as a placeholder that, at least by the release of the version I have downloaded, never got replaced.  Honestly, though, who actually reads the Pokedex entries?  We’re all here for the cute moe girl catching and the death battles, and in that respect, it delivers beautifully.



What this ROM hack doesn’t provide, however, is a truly new Pokemon experience.  The story, region, NPCs, etc are all 100% identical to the original Pokemon Emerald from what I could tell with the ONLY alterations made being the Pokemon sprites.  To some folks, that’s going to be disappointing, but to others, that might be a welcome thing.  I, personally, like my Pokemon hacks to be as new and different as possible, but I know some folks are going to want to just experience a familiar with a twist, and Moemon provides just that.  If that return to familiarity is what you want, AND you like cute 32- bit anime girls, then look no further.  If you want an all new and original Pokemon adventure, however, then I’d probably direct you towards Pokemon Vega.

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