Infinite Eventing

Anyone tired of all these events from the big 2? Line wide events that promise to “change everything” and reset the universe forever only for it to shift back two events later. Events that are now starting to occur almost three times a year, overlap, and are almost certain to be delayed by weeks if not months. Events that kill off characters for shock value and return a year later (or less) for the same effect. Events that reboot the entire line or at least a big portion of it for various reasons and for Marvel to line the comics up more with the highly successful movies they produce. Events that trample on the storylines of the regular series being produced and usually to it’s detriment. Seriously, is anyone tired of this yet?

There used to be a time where a mega event was something special. Good stories that had a relatively sustained impact. It would effect things going forward for a lengthy period. Maybe even a few years! LOL! Now it seems that it’s just one event into the next and the regular series are simply background noise. Event comes. Event goes. Around six new books are introduced books are introduced only to be cancelled by the time the next event rolls around……usually about six months later. There is so much transition you can barely keep up.

So why is this happening? I can only think it is what sells. Catches the eye and keeps attention for a short burst in the hopes it rubs off on the regular series. The thing is that is seems to be causing more ire than true and postive interest amongst the readers. Readers are becoming skeptical in the face not being able to be truly invested in their favorite character’s story arc without it being interrupted by another big event and having to buy two to three extra books to keep up. Once again, it seems to just be a way to get money out of the consumer that my be needed to keep the industry afloat. The problem is that it may eventually frustrate readers away and also make it too confusing and dense for new readers. The clap back to that is that these series are touted as perfect “jumping on” points for new readers. The hole in that argument is that so many events are rooted in past stories as a genesis as are the aftermath in the books regardless of the status quo (and temporary) change.

The last thing with this issue is a matter of execution. Many of these events have decent ideas but as the story goes on we don’t see it go anywhere. It’s as if the idea alone is all they had because it’s mighty rare an event sticks the landing. It’s worse when the series is delayed with no explanation as to why. Right now the main example of this is Doomsday Clock from DC. This was supposed to be the culmination of everything that the New 52 was. It started slow and has been delayed almost every month since it’s release. A series that should have ended months ago still has months ahead before it’s finale. I wonder how many readers have lost interest in the story? Especially considering that DC is starting yet another event (Like DCeased aka DC Zombies) next month AND the ongoing Justice League arc that is dealing with the multiverse as well.  Speaking of that, it’s better to have things like that come in the regular series. Not everything needs to be a big seperate event. Line changing events can happen in the regular series as well and be self contained.

I’ll stop my vetching with the hope that we see less events that are consisitently good stories that arent delayed for months at a time. Stories that take characters out of “character for the sake of the story (Like the Civil War series) and leaving out shock value deaths.

Until next time……

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