In Memory Of Nipsey Hussle

When I heard that Nipsey Hussle had been shot outside of his clothing store, I gasped. It didn’t sound like something that could happen. He was too well-liked for that. He dropped too much knowledge for that. He gave too much back to his community for that. But in the end, none of that mattered to the killer.


Neighborhood Nip was the example for today’s artist, especially the street ones. He was independent for his entire career. Every song stream and merchandise purchase went straight to him. I remember when he said he was going to release an album for $100 per copy with only 1000 copies available. Many people thought he was crazy, but it worked. Even Jay-Z bought 100 copies to show how much he supported the idea.

Someone that thinks outside the box like he did doesn’t come around often. Especially not someone as steeped in gang culture as Nipsey Hussle. A real Rollin 60s Crip who was welcome in every hood and did everything he was “supposed to do”. That guy was taken from us. And during the time in his life when everything was flowing and coming together.


Victory Lap, Nipsey’s studio debut album was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 61st Grammy Awards. His star was rising. He had the respect of his peers, his home, and even critics. He had a loving family that he loved to be around. His advice on real estate purchasing, investments, and cryptocurrency was really reaching the people he wanted it to hit most.


The world lost someone special. Everyone from LeBron James to the chief of the LAPD has expressed hurt over this death. The Los Angeles Staple Center will be hosting a memorial service for Nipsey Hussle on April 11th. LA gangs marched through Crenshaw and met to negotiate the first truce since 1992. When’s the last time someone got that honor?


Nipsey Hussle: A rapper, gangster, advocate, businessman, activist, father, brother, son, and friend. Rest in Peace.

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