You know what? I’m an easy gamer. That means I play my video games on easy level as a default if possible. This is usually a thing that draws scorn from most other gamers but I’ve grown to not care in the least. I came up in a time of games with nothing but the game itself to enjoy. I”m talking early and mid eighties. Arcade and Atari. The only goals were to finish or score as many points as possible if you were playing solo which I often did and still do. While I truly enjoy playing video games, I am the first to admit I’m rarely the master of any. Heck a lot of games I like I”m not even that good at. That wasn’t a problem back then because like I said, it was just the experience of the game and scoring points.

As time went on however games got more intricate and more games came to incorporate story telling which really appealed to me. It wasn’t just RPGs, which has become my favorite genre but in everything from action games to sports games. The problem of me kind of sucking at games while loving them started to rear it’s ugly head in a few games as I wanted to see the story to the end but lacked the skill to accomplish it. This was more problematic in the platformer genre where I’m at my worst. But other games started giving options on difficulty that made my primary goal eaiser to attain. At first I felt bad about using the easier levels because of peer pressure and feeling myself shorting myself of accomplishing overcoming high difficulty. That lasted about a decade….until I was living the rest of my life and realized that life is difficult and short. Difficult and short. DIFFICULT AND SHORT. It just wasn’t worth the aggravation. So I shifted down to normal…easy….just watch the cutscenes. LOL! Now some games don’t offer it and I still play em and try to get to the end, and long as it doesn’t have a bunch of jumping or stealth I’m good. Now driving? Well let’s just say I accumulate a large police following just getting from point a to point b in various open world action games (my third favorite genre) so at least I get a lot of shooting time in. As for my second favorite genre, which is sports…..I have no issue beating down the Golden State Warriors by a hundred on nights I’m trying to relax. On the other hand I always start on normal or the next level to really learn the game as those games are the ones I’m most likely to play against other people. That goes for fighting too but I’m never going to master those. I’m old and my joints aint having it.

Anyway, I’m proud of being an easy gamer. My gaming life is a lot less stressful now. Try it sometime… might make you feel better too. Till next time.

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