Code 8 is set in the near-future of fictional Lincoln City, a minority of “Powered” persons were once valued members of society. However, since automation has replaced any need for such individuals with abilities in the workplace, which run between telekinesis to super strength to even healing are not just unwanted, they are mistreated and persecuted. . Now fearful the government arrests anyone caught using their powers, while not registered.

Now criminalized, the minority is undesired by most employers, ithus pushing them toward committing crime. Since society has abandoned them, they are forced to make money by selling their spinal fluid in opium like dens to produce a drug called “psyke”.  While most can’t afford to legally register their abilities with a license they are left to fend for themselves.

The heart or the movie is Connor (Robbie Arnell), a “Level five electric” — he can power and disable electricity at will who is living with his ailing (widowed) mother Mary (Kari Matchett). When they both lose their low-jobs without any prospect of affording her cancer treatments. Desperate, Connor accepts an ill advised day job from some strangers led by Garrett (Stephen Amell). He’s hired because of his talents with electricity as this crew is using their superpower skill sets to pull off a series of crimes to facilitate the making of “psyke”

Chris Pare’s packs in a lot of characters and complications without much effort to really develop them. So we get a story filled with so many characters that we just don’t ever really care about or understand what motivates them. The film could have used more genuine particularly with Conor’s motive which(that “My mom needs a doctor and we can’t afford it” angle) is an overused crutch, which does not come off well at times. Ultimately the films falls into the normal heist crime dramas. I had high hopes as this film was going to expand on the short film it was based on. of the same name

The cast and crew is talent it showed potential in certain parts ultimately just went the normal action film route. For that i give this film 2.5 stars out of 5.

PRODUCTION: (Canada) A Vertical Entertainment release of a Colony Pictures presentation, in association with the Fyzz Facility, Ontario Creates, Lane E Productions, XYZ Films, Blue Ice Pictures. Producer: Jeff Chan. Executive producers: Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Lee Kim, Mary Anne Waterhouse, Chris Pare, Sung Kang, William Chang, Wayne Marc Godfrey, Robert Jones, Eric Diep, Omar Spahi, Sascha Penn, Cynthia Guidry, Lainie Guidry. Co-producer: Peter Huang.

CREW: Director: Jeff Chan. Screenplay: Chris Pare; story: Chan. Camera (color, widescreen, HD): Alex Disenhof. Editor: Paul Skinner. Music: Ryan Taubert.

WITH: Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Sung Kang, Kari Matchett, Laysla de Oliveira, Vlad Alexis, Aaron Abrams, Simon Northwood, Kyla Kane, Greg Bryk, Jai Jai Jones, Peter Outerbridge, Shaun Benson, Chris Handfield, Lawrence Bayne.

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