Borderlands 3 will feature active ping

Because who needs exploration anymore?

Borderlands 3 will be releasing on all major platforms (Sorry Switch) on September 13th of this year. With growing anticipation for the return of the fabled “Loot-Shooter” series, we’ve been clamoring for any information we can get to pass the time. Gearbox hearing our call, released a free DLC for “The Handsome Jack Collection” last month, which serves as a tie-in to upcoming sequel. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, they also offered a free texture pack to improve the visuals of their previous games, free for PC and console players! While this is inherently awesome, some have been nervous about what Borderlands 3 will have to add to an increasingly crowded Loot-Shooter market, beyond what we’ve already experienced in (mostly) solid outings. Well we’re here to share at least one new addition to the gameplay mechanics you’ve grown to love, in the form of item and enemy pinging.

Pinging at work in Borderlands 3

The new pinging system works in a similar fashion as the one featured in Apex Legends, but judging from the commentary in the video above, this too will come with the satirical humor that is literally the epitome of the series! Although it’s a cool addition, I wonder what it will mean for the exploration element within the world of Borderlands. One of the greatest joys I found back in 2009 was stumbling across rare weapons and deadly enemy camps while exploring the land as Roland (RIP). Sometimes the enemies I would find were entirely too powerful for my current level, forcing me to retreat and wait for a second chance to claim my spoils.

This caused me to have to memorize the map, which in turn gave me a more immersive experience. Could this potentially be ruined by being able to ping pretty much anything around you, removing the questing element out of the equation, and turning item collection into nothing more than a formality? Seeing as we don’t have a full explanation for how pinging will be utilized beyond what we can see in the press released videos, its something that we’ll have to wait and experience for ourselves. Regardless of the uncertainty about that particular mechanic, we remain stoked to finally return to this interesting and comical universe, and can only hope that Borderlands 3 retakes the crown, for the best Looter-Shooter on the market! Gearbox if you’re reading, two words: Cyber-Roland! You’re welcome.

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