Batman #50 SPOILED??!!

George Gene Gustines of the New York TImes


It took Thanos but a single finger snap to destroy the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it. Not to be outdone, enter George Gene Gustines. The man who singlehandedly destroyed months of pacing and planning on the part of Tom King. Needless to say, he clearly wasn’t pleased by the early reveal…

Twitter post from Tom King

  Unfortunately, we live in a time where spoiling something, is more valuable than the payoff of following a good story. We have seen this across almost every medium and, quite frankly, I am sick of it. You might be asking yourself how this even occurred in the first place, well here’s how it all went down from the party pooper himself…

After I pitched the story, I learned the wedding would not happen,” Gustines said. “It seemed disingenuous to write the story without revealing the ending, which is why I included the reveal. But I should’ve asked for a non-spoiler headline. We should have given more thought so that the casual reader, flipping or scrolling through the Style section, would not know the twist by reading the headline.” –George Gene Gustines

You think pal? You think that you could have perhaps asked for a less spoilerific headline, instead of ruining the story for all who have been following? You can only imagine how pissed DC Comics was upon learning of this spoiler…

DC Senior Vice President of Sales John Cunningham

Well, I suppose George wasn’t as much of a douche as the internet at large would have you believe him to be. It boils down to  a perfect storm of miscommunication, and poor decision making from DC’s sales division. It also shows a general disconnect within DC Comics, as it appears Tom King was made aware of this early spoiler, around the same time we did.  Ultimately I think it is a dick move, that could potentially hurt the sales of your local brick and mortar shops. Something that perhaps John Cunningham should have considered before handing this story over to George Gustines and the New York Times. This makes the second high profile comic book spoiler within a three week span. The marriage of Rogue and Gambit within the pages of X-Men Wedding Special #1 was spoiled by Marvel on the 19th of June. Nerd rage aside, it did generate a fair amount of publicity. Wanna take a guess who broke the story?

Screenshot from Heroic Hollywood

    Kinda makes you wonder whether this story was truly spoiled at all……

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