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author image by thesunsetkid56 | Anime and Manga Movie Reviews | 0 Comments | 26 Feb 2020

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’ Review: Plus Ultra!!!

A film that left us completely in awe. A sequel that far exceeds its predecessor, while presenting a perfect starting point to new viewers and readers. Check out our review of MHA: Heroes Rising!

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author image by Tuesday Pope | Collector's Circle | 0 Comments | 24 Feb 2020

Pony Life: Is it the death of MLP?

In 2019, our beloved generation 4 of My Little Pony ended with an okay finale and an amazing prologue. The book the show opened with closed for good as Princess Twilight and her friends looked down wistfully to the friendship…

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author image by Stephen Deck | Video Game Reviews | 0 Comments | 23 Feb 2020
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Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order (Xbox One)

Jedi: Fallen Order is a definite must-play for Star Wars fans. EA FINALLY remembered how to make a single player game, but it was well worth the wait.

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